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It all started with a belief that people in recovery had less of an opportunity to many of the “luxuries” that so many others may take for granted every day. A belief and a dream; that when a person or a family earnestly tries to start over again, they would have a greater chance of success if they are supported the struggles they may encounter.

Many of the founding members of AAI are in recovery or they observed the struggles of their family members and friends. It was time for a change in which education, inspiration and support are offered and mentored. Where we lead by walking side by side, not one in front of the other.

We talked among ourselves, people in recovery and people still suffering. We traveled to observe other Recovery and Mentor Programs in the state. We met weekly, agreed upon a name and Above All Influences was born.

We applied to Ford Family Foundation for a grant which helped us create our Mission & Vision Statements as well as create a three year plan.  This encouraged our board members to expand on our dream of providing safe, clean, and sober living for people in recovery.

One of our very first activities was to hold a Recovery Rally in conjunction with the National Recovery Rally celebrated across the nation. "Hands Across the Bridge" is now an annual event held in September. At this event we recognize community partners for their role in supporting the recovery community. This is a family fun event with raffle prizes, food, music, and guest speakers. At the end of the event everyone walks up to the bridge and stands hand in hand reciting the Serenity Prayer, giving thanks to each of our higher power for all that has been done for us.  We walk back to the park and do a sobriety count down in which most years have over 500 years of sobriety between us all.

After much planning, we started the Aurora Home. The home was developed in partnership with Mary Beth, a home owner who leased her house to AAI. The Aurora Home was for women in recovery who either had children or were working toward reunification. The Aurora Home was the residence for several women who were required to live in a safe, sober and structured recovery program in order to work towards becoming productive members of society. AAI managed this home for more than five years with positive results and tremendous success.

Simultaneously, AAI partnered with Lutheran Community Services and started peer support groups which were held at LCS. In addition, we held Clean/Sober monthly activities for people in recovery and their families. Those activities included Ice Skating, Fishing, Picnicking, and Bowling. These activities have allowed AAI members an opportunity to be a role model and peer mentor clean and sober living and how to have fun while doing so. Our Mentor Program and Peer Support Activities are going strong and has grown into partnerships with several other community agencies, organizations, and treatment centers in the Klamath Basin.


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