Here is a little bit of history of who I was and who I am today. I was an active drug addict for 26 years. I used on weekends at first and then as time went on I turned into a full time drug addict and drug dealer. This lifestyle turned into a way of life; I turned into a criminal with 13 charges at one time. The judge called me a one-woman crime wave, and said I need to sit in Jail and think about my life. At that time my Probation officer put me in an outpatient program. I lied on the intake thinking I didn’t have a problem with drugs. I couldn’t pass the UA’s but decided I didn’t need treatment. I was sent to the ARC inpatient program in Ontario, Oregon for 42 days (spin dry). I relapsed 3 days after I completed the inpatient program. My probation officer was sick of all my actions, attitudes and behaviors but gave me one more chance at Klamath Community Treatment Center. I was in their inpatient program for 7 months and at K.C.T.C. for 3 months of outpatient treatment. Upon completion of treatment I was asked to be involved with the woman’s Oxford House, the first of its kind in Southern Oregon. That place was the starting point of my recovery after treatment. I have been with Above All Influences for the last 7 years, the last six months of which I have been the treasurer of the board. I’m involved with AAI Peer Support every Wednesday night for the last 3 years. I believe in Recovery; it works if you work it. I can say I love who I am today, and thank all the people that believed in me when I couldn’t or wouldn’t. It took the help of others to help me to see the big picture, so I hope to do the same for others through my work for Above All Influences.


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