Referral Process:

If you are interested in joining us for peer support activities on Wednesdays,

there are a few ways you can do that.
You can get a referral from a probation/parole officer if you are on supervision.

You can get a referral from a partnering drug and alcohol treatment center to join us as well.

If you are not on probation/parole and you are not currently in inpatient/outpatient treatment, you can

refer yourself. Self-referrals include a small fee for participating in services, however.

Those on parole/probation or in treatment will have their participation paid for by the community agency they get the referral from.


The self-referral fee schedule for each activity is as follows:

  • Free Roam at the YMCA                        $12/person

  • Bowling at the Epicenter                       $12/person

  • Bingo at AAI                                           $12/person

  • Board Games & Basketball at AAI         $12/person

  • Pottery at Next of Kiln                           $12/person


After you ask for a referral, you will sign a participation slip and the guidelines for participation.

There may be waivers to sign for certain activities as well.

Necessary forms are located below.
We look forward to seeing you!



Above All Influences Referral Process & Forms


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